This is an unofficial guide to Shannon Airport

Airport Transport

Shannon Airport is strategically located at a crossroads between several popular cities in south-west Ireland. Most people who fly into the airport are bound for either Limerick or Galway, but Ennis and a range of other smaller towns are also in the area.


Given the fact that onward driving is required for just about any flight into the terminal, Shannon Airport car hire is probably the most practical mode of getting around. This is especially true for those who planning on spending any amount time enjoying the scenery in the countryside.


Arriving passengers can choose from transport by taxi, bus or cheap hire car from Shannon Airport. The following is a breakdown of these offerings:


Car rental

Shannon Airport car hire desks are situated on either side of the entrance to the arrivals area. Drivers can choose from four car hire companies, including Europcar. Booking ahead of time is wise, as it allows for discounts as well as a faster transition through the terminal.



The main bus company serving Shannon Airport is Bus √Čireann. More than 130 buses pass through on a daily basis, providing in-depth coverage for the entire region. Passengers can rely on buses for onward transport to virtually any city in the region, though they are less practical accessing sites in the countryside.



Non-metered taxis queue outside the terminal exit. Fares can be high, as there is only one company providing service. With this in mind, it is essential to negotiate the fare with the driver before boarding.