This is an unofficial guide to Shannon Airport

Passport Control

Shannon Airport is an international facility, with flights arriving from all over the world. There is a heavy concentration of flights arriving from the UK – particularly London. However, passengers are also inbound from cities across Europe and the US.


Ireland’s passport control protocol are a little different to those in other EU member states. Ireland is not included in the Schengen Area agreement due to reciprocal agreements with the UK. In many other countries around Europe, entry to one country allows for onward travel to another without submitting to passport control.

In Ireland, this is not the case.


When passengers land at Shannon Airport, EU citizens are permitted to enter freely with an official photo ID. There is no need for a passport or visa. Citizens of nations outside of the EU are required to carry a valid passport with at least six months’ validity. Travel between the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and other region of the UK is unrestricted.


Upon landing at Shannon Airport, passengers alight and pass immediately to the Immigration Hall. This is a zone in the back quadrant of the terminal building. Passports and ID cards are processed here before passing into the baggage claim area.

Liquids can be kept in the hold with your checked bag. Any that are brought on board the plane must be kept in 100-millilitre bottles, all of which must fit into a single litre-sized re-sealable bag. Exceptions are made for baby food and medicines, which should always be carried in the original bottle and with a prescription.



The following items may not be carried into the passenger cabin:


  • Scissors, paper knives or razor blades
  • Billiard cues, bats and clubs
  • Cutlery or knives with blades of any length
  • Darts or hypodermic needles
  • Metal nail files
  • Workman’s tools
  • Catapults and other projectile-firing weapons
  • Replica or toy guns