This is an unofficial guide to Shannon Airport


When you arrive at Shannon Airport, the first leg of your trip is going to be all about your luggage. Your bags will be weighed, tagged, scanned and potentially hand-searched. The process can be a little stressful, but there are a few simple steps you can take to streamline the process.


One of the most important things you can do is pack with purpose. It can be tempting to try to put too much in your hand luggage so that you’ll have access to it on the plane. However, an overstuffed or disorderly bag can stall your progress at security. Bear in mind that security officials will allow jewellery, keys and loose change in the passenger cabin. However, these items may set off the security scanner. If possible, they’re better tucked away in your checked bag.


It is worth checking with your airline before you depart to enquire about luggage size and weight allowances. Every airline has its own policies, and many levy fees for overweight or additional bags.


The terminal also offers a porterage service operated by ICTS International. There are courtesy porterage phones located throughout the terminal. It’s wise to book in advance if you have the opportunity. ICTS also runs the airport’s left luggage service. The left luggage desk is in the arrivals area adjacent to the Atlantic Coffee Company.


If you lose a bag or any personal property aboard the plane, enquire with the airline. Enquiries made for luggage lost within the terminal should be directed to the lost property office in the arrivals area.