This is an unofficial guide to Shannon Airport

Check-in at Shannon Airport

Shannon Airport’s check-in area is on the first floor. As you are approaching the terminal from the front, enter through the left-hand set of doors. Ticketing desks are to the immediate right and left on the outside walls. On the opposite side of the room are the check-in counters in two rows.

When planning your departure, make a point of checking your ticket or flight itinerary. This will indicate what time the check-in counters open. Be mindful of the closing time indicated on the itinerary. This is usually 45 minutes before the flight departs, after which time airlines will not admit passengers even if they have already purchased a ticket.


It is wise to allow at least an hour to check in and pass through the security checkpoint. Odds are good that you will not need this much, but you’ll be glad for the extra time if there is a delay. Tack on another 30 minutes or so if you need to return a Shannon Airport hire car.


The amount of hand luggage permitted on the plane depends on the airline, but most permit one bag small enough to fit in the overhead compartment, along with one personal item, such as a camera case, briefcase or purse. Be sure to review the list of prohibited items before you pack your carry-on bag. Certain items, such as excess quantities of liquids or gels, are permitted in the hold but not in the cabin. Packing accordingly speeds up the check-in process.