This is an unofficial guide to Shannon Airport

Prohibited Items

Airport security is more rigid than it used to be, and this means that passengers have more to keep in mind when they are packing and preparing for their flight. Just being mindful of what you wear and taking a few extra minutes to organise your luggage will go a long way towards reducing the time it takes to pass through the security check point.


Shannon is an important airport for the region, but it is not that large by international standards. With that in mind, queues are seldom long enough to cause much of a holdup. Even so, showing up at least an hour before your departure time is wise.


The list of items that cannot be carried onto an airplane is long but predictable. Most of the items that are not allowed are not the sorts of things a passenger would plan on taking with them in the first place. The exception is liquids and gels, which are carefully restricted by an EU regulatory committee.


Liquids can be kept in the hold with your checked bag. Any that are brought on board the plane must be kept in 100-millilitre bottles, all of which must fit into a single litre-sized re-sealable bag. Exceptions are made for baby food and medicines, which should always be carried in the original bottle and with a prescription.


The following items may not be carried into the passenger cabin:


  • Scissors, paper knives or razor blades
  • Billiard cues, bats and clubs
  • Cutlery or knives with blades of any length
  • Darts or hypodermic needles
  • Metal nail files
  • Workman’s tools
  • Catapults and other projectile-firing weapons
  • Replica or toy guns