This is an unofficial guide to Shannon Airport

Security at Shannon Airport

Security is a top priority at Shannon Airport, and you’ll want to do some planning and preparation to make sure that your screening process is quick and uneventful. Try to get as much in your checked luggage as possible. Not only does lighten your load while you’re in the terminal, it also means moving faster through security.


Queues move quickly at the security checkpoint, but it still a good idea to allot plenty of time. You can speed the process by having everything ready when you arrive at the screening point. Don’t carry anything gift-wrapped, as this will have to be opened if it sets off a security alarm. It’s also worth doing a quick check as you’re dressing for your flight to make sure you aren’t wearing something with too much metal in it.


You’re allowed to take one carry-on bag with you onto the airplane. In addition to this, you can a personal item such as a small backpack, a camera or a laptop. Computers need to be pulled out of their carry cases before sent through the scanner. Finally, loose change, mobile phones, and metal jewellery are permitted on board, but they’re best left in your carry-on bag to speed the screening process.


Don’t forget that EU Liquid Regulations restrict the quantity of gels, pastes and liquids that can be brought on the plane. These items can only be carried on in 100-millilitre bottles, the entire set of which need to fit inside a litre-sized re-sealable plastic bag.