There are ample car parking facilities available at Shannon Airport, including long- and short-term offerings. These are most practical for drivers who live in the area, as those who are flying into Ireland from elsewhere are more likely to take advantage of cheap car rental at Shannon Airport.


The short-term car park is located directly across from the front entrances of the main terminal building. These spaces are priced to suit passengers who will be leaving their vehicle at the airport for 24 hours or less. There is an initial charge for the first 15 minutes. After this, rates are incurred at 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 5 hours and 12 hours.


There are four long-term car parks at Shannon Airport. One is behind the short-term car park. Another is catty-corner to the departures area of the terminal. The third and fourth are a bit further to the west. Rates are charged in 24-hour increments, with a discount incurred at seven days.


Bear in mind that anyone picking up or dropping off passengers is required to use the short-term car park. The area that passes directly in front of the entrances is a set-down area only.


There are also dedicated spaces for drivers with disabilities in the short-term car park. Cars must display the appropriate stickers to qualify for these spaces. Drivers with disabilities are also allowed to park here on a long-term basis. For payment, head to the car park customer service office in the arrivals area before returning to the vehicle.