The runways at Shannon Airport are located to the north of the terminal. When you fly in, you’ll enter through the north quadrant of the terminal on the ground floor. Once your aeroplane has touched down, you will first enter the Immigration Hall, where international passengers will need to submit identification or travel documents depending on their country of origin.

After passing through the Immigration Hall, passengers will emerge into the arrivals area and baggage belts area. The left luggage and lost property office are nearby.

Baggage claim

Shannon Airport is fully equipped with modern facilities, including five luggage carousels in the arrivals area. Processing is quick and efficient, and arriving passengers will have their bags in hand on short order with active carousels have a sign indicating which flight they are serving.

Passengers will also find left luggage and lost property reclamation offices in the Arrivals Hall. If a bag or personal item disappeared while you were aboard the aeroplane, then you will need to enquire with the airline. For those who have lost property inside the terminal building, submit enquiries to the office in the Arrivals Hall.

There are desks near the baggage belts for those who have pre-booked car hire at Shannon Airport. Those who have not yet made a booking can do so at the car hire desks by the exit on the far wall of the Arrivals Hall.